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Laura's Love -- May Mobley

DM, MDR1, EIC and NCL Clear* -- Hips, Good

May's  Pedigree

May Mobley is an up and coming star of the Laura Kennels team.
Her energy and drive make her the quintessential playmate
as well as give her stamina so characteristic of the breed.
May Mobley has great conformation to the NKC standard   
and a very sweet temperament.
We are looking forward to seeing what she produces in the near future.
She is so deserving, and is truly Laura's Love:  May Mobley!


Watch May Mobley On The Tug Rope 

   Here Is A Picture Pedigree
Showing  May's  Origins

 Malachi                                    Laura's Jazz                                Joshua's Isaac                               Laura's Cash                               Joshua's Jacob                         DMX's Eve of A.S.                        Bandit's Atze           Laura's Panda
|_______________________|                                                     |________________________|                                                        |___________________________|                                              |______________________|
|                                                                                                        |                                                                                                                  |                                                                                               |


Laura's King Gator                                          Laura's JJ Queen                                           Joshua's Malachi of Laura                                   Laura's May Mobley of Atze  
                   |_________________________________________|                                                                               |____________________________________________|                
   |                                                                                                                                                                 |       


                         CH Last Calvary's Bane                                                                            CH LCK's Maleficent of Laura ("Mal")

 Laura's Love!  May Mobley

See Her Puppies


DM = Degenerative Myelopathy is an inherited disease of the spinal chord leading to paralysis of the hind legs
* EIC = Exercise Induced Collapse
* MDR1 = Multi-Drug Resistance makes a dog unable to eliminate the toxins present in many de-wormers

Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis nervous disorders in canine breeds