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Laura's Panda Bear Two
2012 - 2023
DM, MDR1, EIC and NCL Clear* -- OFA, Good
Panda's Pedigree

Panda was out of Joshua's Isaac and Laura's Panda One aka "Little Girl"
This is a very old bloodline that goes back to Dixieman.
We are excited and blessed to have this bloodline.

Sire:  Joshua's Isaac                                       Dam:  Panda One
                                                                        aka "Little Girl"


Panda Is No Stranger                  
To The Show Ring                 



* DM = Degenerative Myelopathy is an inherited disease of the spinal chord leading to paralysis of the hind legs
* EIC = Exercise Induced Collapse
* MDR1 = Multi-Drug Resistance makes a dog unable to eliminate the toxins present in many de-wormers

NCL = Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis is a DNA mutation known to cause nervous disorders in canine breeds