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Nose Pigment Development in AB's

Good pigment (black) over nose/lips and around eyes
is preferred in the American Bulldog.   Many pups are born
with no pigment (pink) but the color develops over the first twelve months.
Some individuals develop more slowly, taking up to three years to fill in.
See the comparison study below of "Duke" born October 2013.

Duke at 4 days                                  4 weeks                                           6 months                                        1 year                 
Duke at 14 months                         18 months                          24 months                               30 months                         Duke at 36 months




Malachi / Panda Pup "Moses" born 2015
Comparison photos at 2 weeks and 52 weeks of age

                  1 week                                                         8 weeks                                       11 months
Gator / JJ Pup "Rosie" born Jan 2016