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Laura  Kennels  Has  A Winning Combination!!!

We  Are  Proud  To  Have  Produced
2018  NKC  American 
Bulldog  of  the  Year

Alan Scott--Javier Ne
gron--Bob LaGuerra--Pete Castaldi--Lynn Hall--Pattie Mims                                                                             B&M's Missy of Laura                                                                        
Congratulation to Missy and Her Owner Bob LaGuerra!

Satisfied Customer
Bob  LaGuerra

Northport, NY
B&M's "Missy" of Laura
Malachi / Panda Pup
Born 1-17-17

Letter from Bob LaGuerra

We wanted to capture our experience with Lynn and Herb Hall so other prospective buyers who are thinking of buying a dog from Laura Kennels can read our wonderful experience in purchasing Missy (Malachi X Panda II) born on January 17, 2017.

 Missy comes from a long line of great dogs both in conformation and working ability.   At 9 Weeks old she is in obedience school and the teacher is so surprised how quickly she’s learning the basic obedience commands.   We intend to show Missy in the next couple of months and look forward to competing in confirmation and obedience events.

During our visit to the kennel, the Hall’s gladly answered all our questions and offered valuable guidance in selecting our new pup.   It soon became apparent that we were going to end up with a fantastic puppy as well as forging a new friendship.   You will not find more honest and knowledgeable breeders of the American Bulldog who take the best care of their dogs and just  happen to HAVE the best bulldogs!!

Bob and Marta and the boys -- Stephen, Joseph, and Erik

       Bob & Joe                                                                               Erik                                                                      Missy at 14 months
        Picking Up Missy                                                             Bonding With Missy                                                    Unscathed by NY winter!

From Laura Kennels In Florida                                                                                                                                                                                
                    Missy Meets Joe            Bob, Marta, and Erik with Missy         Steven & Missy on the Beach!           Erik, Joe, and Bob at a NC Show April 2018       

At Carolina AB Spectacular 4/22/18 Missy Wins  BEST IN SHOW !!!

Then Missy Wins BEST IN BREED At the 2018 National Show in Ft. Payne, AL!!!!

Erik, Joe, and Steven accompanied their Father to the Alabama Classic
Erik was overheard saying, "I love my trophies!!!"

Alan Scott -- Javier Negron -- Bob LaGuerra -- Pete Castaldi -- Lynn Hall -- Pattie Mims

B&M's Missy of Laura