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Joshua's Dancer of Judah
DM, MDR1, EIC and NCL Clear* -- Hips, Good
Dancer's  Pedigree


Dancer is a beautiful example of thoughtful research of pedigrees
and combination of solid DNA traits
She possesses  great conformation to the AB standard
and has the most stable temperament around.

Dancer is out of National Champion Joshua's Isaac

Also in her background is Joshua's Bailey OFA K-9 Security;
CH Joshua's White Bandit's Love, SchH BH, GT1, UCD III,  K-9 Security
Ellie Mae of Alan Scott -- Dick's Country Boy and DMX's Eve of Alan Scott
(Eve is full sister to Supreme Grand CH Crusher of Alan Scott).



Dancer Ancestors
Joshua's Ol' Southern White Joshua's Oz of Ashmore Ostergaard's Diablo Joshua's Sheba Linzi's Bingo Figgit of Alan Scott Wright's Rock-A-Feller Wright's Tammy Wynette of A.S.
|___________________________ ______________________| |_____________________ _________________________| |_______________________ _________________________| |___________________ ____________________________|
                                                       |                                                    |                                                  |                                             |
Joshua's Bailey Joshua's White Bandit's Baby Love Hine's Country Boy DMX's Eve of Alan Scott
|_________________________________ _________________________________| |________________________ ________________________________|
                                                                    |                                                      |  


  Joshua's Isaac                                                                                                                    Ellie Mae of Alan Scott
 Joshua's Dancer of Judah

DM = Degenerative Myelopathy is an inherited disease of the spinal chord leading to paralysis of the hind legs
* EIC = Exercise Induced Collapse
* MDR1 = Multi-Drug Resistance makes a dog unable to eliminate the toxins present in many de-wormers
NCL = Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis is a nervous disorder in canine breeds