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Just   Good   Bulldogs

Missy and Dez At AB National Show!

See a brief video                                                                                                     See a brief video
         B&M's "Missy" of Laura                                                                                   McLam's "Dezmond" of Laura
                                  Takes BEST IN BREED                                                                                         Handled by Kelsey McLam                     
            In the 5/27/18 Champion Ring                                                                            Accomplishes JR. CH Title  5/26/18
          NKC Alabama Spectacular                                                                                       NKC Alabama Spectacular

(Left to Right:  Alan Scott, Javier Negron, Bob LaGuerra, Pete Castaldi, Lynn Hall, Pattie Mims)                                                                                                                                                                            

Bob LaGuerra's preparation and training of Missy were recognized in all rings at the AB National Show in Ft. Payne, AL
Bob was accompanied by his three sons:  Stephen, Joe, and Erik
Erik LaGuerra was overhead saying, "I love my trophies"